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So nice to meet you!

I'm so happy you stumbled onto my page. I am a theatre practitioner and educator devoted to close, person-to-person connection. My interests and experience criss-cross genres, but the common thread is a curiosity for the human mind and spirit. My mission as an artist is to collaborate, challenge, and empower within a creative process. Let's play!

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2021 Update

I hope that you and yours are well and cared for after one of the toughest periods of our collective lives. It's been a deep, wacky, weird, scary, and thrilling time for me. A time of rest, staring out the window, picking up my anchor and putting it back down. With all the jobs virtual and theatre in hibernation, I moved out to San Diego, so I am now bicoastal! While my biggest accomplishment during the pandemic was staying home and doing my part, I did discover some new pathways of individual and professional development:

  • I've begun my education in Intimacy Coordination and Direction, a field that beautifully combines my passions for person-centered care, safe creative processes, and movement modalities.​

  • I adapted quickly to online instruction for several medical schools, teaching genitourinary and physical examination technique virtually!

  • I did lots of reading, listening, petition signing, letter writing, and reflection about systemic racism, police brutality, sexual harassment, anti-Semitism, gun violence, reproductive rights, decolonizing theatre practices and more. I also phone banked like crazy for the 2020 election.  This is the most important bullet point on this list.

  • I studied Shakespeare Soliloquy and Scenes with the marvelous Brian McManamon.

  • I auditioned for MFA in Acting programs (also virtually), got some incredible acceptances, some gutting rejections, and decided that the wide open, choice-your-own-adventure outside of graduate programs was calling to me. Maybe next year?!

  • I bought a watercolor kit and now make pretty blobs of color to pass the time and please the eyes.

  • Along with my incredible colleagues at DC Forensic Examiners, I am building curriculum and training new Forensic Teaching Associates to provide compassionate and comprehensive instruction of the Sexual Assault Forensic Exam. 

  • I got my hands on a great mic to explore voiceover acting. Keep your eyes peeled for a reel ;)


So that's a taste of what I've been up to. Add in many montages of sitting on the couch, going for long walks with podcasts keeping me company, and lots of mediocre home-cooking, and you've got a pretty good picture. Stay tuned for what's coming down the pipeline. 

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